I met Patricia Puyau while playing Rugby for the Montreal Irish in the summer of 2006. I had been living in Chicago and I decided to take a year off to travel North America in my V.W camper. I had spent a few weeks here and there in Quebec and I decided I really liked this part of Canada, so I made the decision to spend the summer in Montreal, and possibly even settle there for a while. I first met Patricia at a social gathering after Rugby training and I thought she was an interesting, smart and cute girl and we got along quite well…at the beginning.  Like all people you meet  and start dating it is natural to judge the person, you weigh the positives and the negatives.
First I will go over the positives about Patricia…most importantly I found her cute, not gorgeous but cute, she had a nice figure and I was attracted to her, she was exotic to me, and low maintenance for sure. She was for the most part an intelligent girl and we engaged in some good conversation. She was also very athletic, competing at high levels in both Rugby and skiing. We had a lot in common as far as our interests in life, especially a love for the outdoors and travel.

It is hard to say now that I loved her after all the evil things that she has done to me and our son Nikola…so lets just say I liked her a lot. Getting back to when you first meet someone and that its sort of a test phase of weighing the positives and the negatives, there were of course many positives but a few notable negatives. The main one was she was a cigarette smoker, not a heavy smoker but a smoker nonetheless, she was also a smoker of marijuana, but what bothered me most was that she was a daily smoker of the harder stuff…hashish. Say what you want about marijuana, I am personally all for the legalization of the stuff, but I am against actually smoking it,  it doesn’t do the lungs, body or mind any good. And partaking, especially by a supposed health conscious gym teacher is pretty hypocritical and just plain stupid. Patricia is employed by the Douglas hospital in Montreal, she is one of their physical education instructors. So there I was spending many evenings with this person, really liking her but then realizing she was a nightly smoker and that she had a bit of a drug habit. This was also the first person I dated in my life that while we were sitting on the couch watching T.V the doorbell would ring and she would run downstairs to meet the local drug peddler for her weekly dose of dope. She would bring up a small bag of marijuana and some hash wrapped up in tin foil, I never asked how much she spent each time but it doesn’t matter. Of course this bothered me but she assured me she had no problem quitting at some point, but needed time to do so. The visits by the drug dealers were never more than once a week, sometimes skipping a week but this went on for a couple months. I asked her how long she had smoked hash, she said probably as long as I had been drinking beer, which was a long time. She was getting high almost nightly and I was drinking my beer as often. Also on visits to her close friend Marike Robitaille in Quebec City, they would both partake together, and in close proximity to Marikes 2 younger children, who were oblivious to the smoke in the air. I felt sorry for the children and I brought it up with Patricia after we left, she told me to mind my own business. I am now worried that she might be doing the same in front of our son.

One of the most shocking stories about her foray into the illegal world of drugs was how much abuse was done within her ski team at the University of Laval in Quebec City, where Patricia was a standout skier in the early 1990’s. Marijuana and hash were quite prevalent she told me, but also amphetamines like ecstasy, speed and yes, cocaine. Patricia admitted to partaking in all of the above but not the cocaine, she also told me she was young and it was all around her so it was hard to say no. I am thinking 20, 21 years old is not that young mentally, plus I managed to get through years of high school and even art school without saying yes to any of that shit. All of the rampant ski team drug abuse was disturbing enough but the one thing that really shocked me was how Patricia and another friend were the ones who transported the drugs…or smuggled the drugs to ski competitions in Vermont, New York and other states in the U.S. She told me how they hid the drugs in her ski boot liners etc. when crossing the border on team busses.

This, needless to say was not a good thing, no matter your stance on legalization of pot, drug smuggling is and should be illegal. I asked if she had ever come close to getting caught at the border? She said they had but never actually got caught. I am thinking about the other team members who are innocent of this, the bus driver and coaches who all could have gotten into loads of trouble from all of these miscreant idiots and selfish drug abusers. The point of this blog is not necessarily revenge but a way to vent my frustrations of dealing with Patricia. I have been nothing but a great father to our son, only to be accused of many terrible things. Among the many false accusations were physically abusing him, when Nikola was almost 2 I took him to a park in Quebec City where we came across 2 dogs being walked by their owner. Nikola and I approached the dogs but one got spooked and darted away from Nikola and its leash crossed his neck knocking him to the ground, leaving a 1 inch abrasion under his ear, he did cry but he was fine. I returned Nikola to his mother later in the afternoon, I explained what happened and that he was fine. 3 days later I get a call from a Batshaw Social Worker saying they wanted to meet with me, thus beginning the journey with one of the most inept government organizations probably ever created. The second of 3  false accusations was of the sexual abuse nature…again, I received a call from Batshaw wanting to meet me about the inappropriate touching of my son, reported by his mother. Not sure if you can imagine being accused of something as heinous, lets just say its no picnic and leaves you sick to the stomach. Both accusations were proven false by both youth court and DYP (Batshaw) but they are still involved in the case…I guess these people need to work somewhere. Their involvement began in 2011 and has been going on ever since. So now I spend 2 hours a week with my son under the watchful eye of a Social Worker. On several occasions  Nikola has pleaded with me, to take him away from the Batshaw facilities, to take him to a movie or a restaurant…anywhere other than the depressing basement of a Batshaw building. I tell him I want to and that I am trying too but they won’t let me. I am not sure who would want to do that to an innocent child, if you ever meet Patricia then you’ll have your answer. They say drug users are paranoid people, after dealing with Patricia for over 10 years, I can attest to that.



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